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KOIN Ltd. is a private company that is a direct development and spin-out from the TetraDyn Ltd. investment portfolio. It is focused upon the KOIN technology and KOIN-based products ("koins") for consumers. The Company produces and distributes highly personalized and artistic physical artifacts ("koins") that include highly secure digital storage and processing on-device and in-cloud, proprietary RFID and other wireless identification technology, plus advanced trading and sharing capabilities for the physical "koin" objects and their digital media content.


Koins are not a form of bitcoin-like internet "virtual" currency that competes with conventional monetary systems (e.g., $, , , ).

A fundamental component of the KOIN technology and its product line is in the Knowledge Object Intelligence Network which is based upon synthetic ("artificial") intelligence as implemented in software algorithms and dedicated hardware. KOIN =/= koins, but koins employ KOIN. This involves, in the present product release, principally software that is embedded into the koins and used in the cloud-based system for data management, sharing, and (optionally) inter-user trading. Under development presently, for the next generation, are features that will employ operations based upon the emerging technology of Quantum Computing, particularly for cybersecurity. (2016-2017 time frame.)

Koins are for information storage and trading, and for personal identification and protection, and for appreciation and enjoyment as jewelry and fine art.

Information contained in a koin may vary according to the individual owner(s) and user(s). All digital information content is secured both in the koin and in the cloud-based digital reserve space.

One of the unique features in the highly flexible koin is that collections of koins can provide additional information not available in any one koin and this can employ provisions for 3D holographic imaging display.

KOIN Ltd. is currently engaged (2016) in its first round of external funding as well as in its Patent Procedures and Pre-Release Sales. For additional information on the products and underlying technologies, the uses and markets, and the Company, please contact the Company directly.

Public Relations, Marketing and Investor Relations Contacts:   

+1 (202) 415-7295 (M. Dudziak) martinjd@tetradyn.com
+1 (708) 349-7318 (R. Mandava) rao@tetradyn.com
+1 (505) 926-1399 internet/sat line

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